Airship Diaries Audition Sheet
Thank you for taking the time to audition for the podcast of “Airship Diaries.” The following contains information of the podcast and characters. The bottom of the sheet will have the information that we will need from you. Please return the audition form and audio sample by March 1st. When you are recording the audition clip, please perform it in the accent of the character that you would prefer to be. Basic and intermediate editors will be needed. If you are interested in helping with either of those, please mark on the audition form.
Thank you,
Evan Cummings

Writer/producer: Evan Cummings
Director: Kevin Cummings

Plot: Captain Jareck and his crew of airship pirates are on the run from the British when they decide to see an ancient machine known as the Smog Queen.

Season Length: One hour
Number of Episodes: Ten
Episode Length: Six minutes

Jareck: Captain of the airship Babbage. Rash, young, and hot-blooded.

Gammy: First mate of the airship Babbage. She is more level headed and methodical than Jareck. She has a cockney accent.

Alyx: Gunman of the airship Babbage. He is short-tempered and full of regrets. He and his sister, Kally, were raised in Liverpool.

Kally: The mechanic of the airship Babbage. She is Alyx’s sister. She’s sweet on captain Jareck and very gentle herself. She does, however, love to see some action.

Simon: Pilot of the airship Babbage. Jareck’s long time friend. He is a Welshman who believes in no fooling around.

Smog Queen: Ancient machine that runs the factories of the world. She’s a tad crazy with a plan to rule the world.

Doctor Richard Nigel Stjohn: The head scientist of Queen Victoria IV. He is a tad rash and has plans of his own that are separate from the Empire’s.

Ana: This little French lady was taken in by Dr. Stjohn as a prodigy.


Random Guard 1

Random Guard 2

Random Soldier

Guard Captain

When you turn in the audition form, please include a recording one of the following clips from the script. Please email the audition form and recordings to Please make the recording file an MP3 and name it: Lastname_Firstname_Characterauditioningfor
For Example:

They thought that I would benefit greatly by selling the ship out, seeing that I was a traitor to you and all. At the time, I even agreed with them. I told them where we were headed. They worked up the guts and broke the barrier of the clouds.
The child machines. The most brilliant factory organizer designed them. The Smog Queen is what she goes by now. She was the first machine that true intelligence was given to. She thought it would be best to share that intelligence with other machines. So, she designed the machine men. They were free standing machines, they needed no outside source of power. They were free and had intelligence.

We are at the center of the world. Behold, the massive boiler that will power our armies. All it needs is your key Jareck. Here, my son. Take your timepiece and start the world anew.
Seems your dinky men only run for a few hours before they have to recharge. We caught them just at shift change. Now all your soldiers will be immobile.


Audition Form
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