We ahve finally released episode one.  Check back here though for updates on the podcast.

Check out this site for the podcast:

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Due to unforseen consequences, the release of the episode one will be post-poned to april 18.

Unfortunately, there has been another delay that will postpone episode one’s release until May 2nd.  It is almost done being edited, but we are still waiting on some lines.  After that, every episode will be released every other week.

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The Cast

As promised, here is the final cast list of the podcast.

Cast List
Jareck- Brian B.
Simon- Clay R.
Alyx- Jason N.
Doctor Richard Nigel Stjohn- Andy K.
Guard Captain- Evan C.
Guard One- Jimmy A.
Guard Two- Tim F.
Guard Three- Kevin C.
Intro Voice- Evan C.
Gammy- Tabitha S.
Kally- Heidi J.
Ana- Hillary R.
Smog Queen- Kim B.

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The cast has been notified that they are in this production. The list will be publicly announced Friday. We are already moving forward with production! Keep checking this site out for updates.

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Audition Extension

I am extending the due date for the auditions to Friday, March 6th.

I would just like to remind all who want to auditon that each episode is only six minutes long and the whole season is about an hour. Due to this, recording and editing for the show won’t take that long.

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New Lines

In order to keep the auditions fresh, I have included a new set of lines for people to use. If you want to audition, please follow the directions on the auditions page to the right, but feel free to use these lines instead of those on the auditions page.

We are headed below that cloud. We are going to see the Smog Queen. We are going to survive and come back up. If you feel that you can’t survive this, then take an escape pod and get out of my sight.

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Audition Update

We have been hearing some concerns that those who want to audition are intimitated by the Britsh accents. For the audition, all that that is needed is a reading. Don’t worry about the accent, just have fun with it.

We are also contemplating not using any accents in the podcast. For now, just have fun with the auditions.

Also, as a reminder, auditions are open to anyone who is interested.

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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the Airship Babbage. Here, you can listen to the six minute adventures of Captain Jareck and his crew fighting the British army and terrors from below the clouds.

We are currently starting production.  Feel free to audition, just check out the audition sheet.  Keep checking back for more information.

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